About Us

420 Trading Co.®

After a long night filled with smoke and an unhealthy amount of pizza, the idea that would become 420 Trading Co. took root.

 Established in the quiet beach town of Carpinteria, CA, in 2014, we are located directly between the Pacific Ocean and some of the best cannabis farms the west coast has to offer.  Our goal here is simple: stay as comfortable and as stoned as possible…hopefully at the same time.

We design and print everything out of our shop about 100 yards from the beach, usually with a joint lit and the smell of salt and smoke in the air.  Here on the site, you can find our playlists and blog, but our true passion will always be putting the stoner lifestyle on thread in the most authentic way possible.  And while we may be defined as a lifestyle brand, our mission here is simple:


Stay happy.  Stay healthy.  Stay high.


 High Tides ~ Chill Vibes