Tokes and Tunes with Magic Bronson

Posted on June 01 2017

Music is a big part of the everyday environment here at Four Twenty Trading Co., and lately, Magic Bronson can be found on a constant loop here in the office. As they get ready to play the LA State Historic Park this Saturday, June 3, at 7:30 pm, for Showtime’s “Eat See Hear” series, we caught up with Matt Lieberman and Michael Nicastro of Magic Bronson to talk a little about their sound, their feelings on cannabis, and everything in between…

Originally from Ventura County but now calling Los Angeles home, the guys came together after crossing paths while in previous bands, and their musical connection was clear from the start. Drawing from a wide variety of influences, including LCD Sound System, Steely Dan, Kanye West and Glass Animals, the band has created a truly unique sound that goes perfect at a sold out show or at home with your favorite strain.

When it comes to smoking, the guys like to keep it classic, and we have to agree: if OG Kush ain’t broke, don't fix it! Roll a little up in a joint, turn on some “Graceland,” by Paul Simon, and lets just say these guys know how to do it right!

With new music currently in the works, this Saturday will be your first time to catch the guys live in a while! If you can't make the show, be sure to follow them on Instagram at @magicbronson and keep your ears open for that new record in late September!