Santa Barbara Earth Day 2019

Posted on May 02 2019

The annual Earth Day celebration, one that has spread across both the country and the globe, began in our community of Santa Barbara in 1970.  Recognized on April 22, the celebration was moved back a weekend due to Easter, and, more importantly, 4/20. 
Encouraging people to go green in all aspects of life is obviously the main theme here, and education plays a vital role.  In addition to asking people to arrive via 2 wheels with the always unique bike valet, teaching people the different types of waste management is a way of making small changes in our own personal lives that can help lead to much larger ones around the world.
Before you have something to throw away, though, you need to eat, and the food was amazing.  Sugar Mill Farms even teamed up with one of our favorite local coffee spots, Handlebar Coffee, to introduce their CBD-infused coffee to the crowds, and let's just say we HIGHly recommend.
One final part of the festival that may just be our favorite is the music, and the talent that came together this year did not disappoint!  
Rastan is a close bud of ours whom we have watched work and grow for years.  Just yesterday he released his first single, "What She Does," via Innefable Records, and this weekend he treated everyone to a little preview.
To say the vibe was right when he was on stage doesn't even begin to describe it, so much so that we have some more stuff in store on the man himself!
No Shirt. No Shoes. No Problem.  That laid-back feeling is exactly the one we have come to expect from the Earth Day crowd.  That with a healthy side of love for good ol' Mother Earth herself.