420 Posters

Posted on August 19 2020

If you’re anything like we are, you’ve spent a lot of time lately staring at the walls of your house or apartment, and the view started getting old after about a week this  quarantine sh*t.  Keeping that in mind, we decided to put together a couple of quality 420 Trading Co. posters with an old school vibe to help shake things up. Printed on a thick and durable acid-free matte paper, these things aren't your average dorm room style poster.
The Reefer Madness Poster is a play on the classic cinematic posters of the 1930s that helped to fuel the beginnings of the drug "war."  Roll up a joint and check out the whole flick if you haven't before, it'll give you more than a few good laughs...
The Wild Plants poster is our humble attempt at a play on an Andy Warhol style pop art poster of 1960’s.  The colors do the eye catching, the leaves are the star of the show.
Doesn’t matter if a thumb tack straight on the wall is your style or if you’re more of the frame type, these posters are ready to roll now and add a little something to that spot you keep staring at.  Find 'em in the Accessories section or just click HERE to grab one now.